Pineapple Wine Recipe (Tepache)



  • the outer husk and core of one pineapple (the part you can't eat) (I highly recommend this tool!)
  • one cup of sugar, ideally piloncillo/panela/jaggery/rapadura/raw sugar/brown sugar
  • mixed spices: "pickling spices" will do nicely; make sure they contain no preservatives
  • filtered water


  • 2-quart mason jar, with metal ring
  • unbleached basket-type coffee filter, or unbleached paper towel, or clean cloth towel


In a 2-quart mason jar, dissolve the sugar in a pint of warm water (body temperature or a little cooler).

Cut the pineapple husk and core into chunks roughly 1 inch on a side. Add it to the jar, along with the spices.

Fill with (room temperature) water to 2 inches below the top.

Place filter or towel over the top of the jar, and secure with ring.

Wait 3 or 5 days, or until foamy and aromatic.


Drink chilled, or over ice!


If you want more alcohol and fizz, try putting a tightly-sealing lid on once it starts foaming, then leave it for up to a week.


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